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HEAT KILLS BEDBUGS FAST! EcoForce Bedbug Services is a veteran owned business, with over 20 years combined experience specializing in Heat Treatments for Bedbugs. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to exterminate all pests, but focus 100% of our attention on the eradication of just ONE bug. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are skilled at what they do and strive for 100% success in a single treatment every time. WHY ECOFORCE BEDBUG SERVICES IS YOUR #1 CHOICE IN BEDBUG EXTERMINATION We utilize the most advanced bedbug equipment and bedbug extermination strategies in the industry. When it comes to bedbug treatments there is not 1 tool to do the job. We have a variety of bedbug heaters for residential and commercial applications. We have completed thousands of bedbug treatments and understand it takes knowledge and experience to achieve success without the need for multiple “follow up” visits. Specializing in bedbugs gives us the ability to meet the needs of any customer and any level of bed bug infestation. Most other companies that provide heat treatments use electric bedbug heaters which uses your electricity, require tedious prep work (ie. multiple loads of laundry) for the customer, and take a minimum of 8-24 hours to be successful. Our heaters for residential applications run off of propane NOT your electricity and raise the internal temperature within the home quickly. Our process ensures that bedbugs die in the same spot they were found and we can achieve 100% success in 8 hours or less. We require the least amount of preparation work for the customer (STOP! DO NOT bag up all your clothes!). Our technicians remain on-site during the entire treatment to continuously monitor temperatures and ensure no cold spots exist in which bed bugs could hide and survive. Discretion in important to us. We understand bed bugs come with an undeserved stigma and can be embarrassing. Truth is, these bugs do not discriminate and ANYONE can get them. Rest at ease knowing our trucks do not have Bedbug or Pest Control displayed anywhere on them. BEDBUGS ARE ALL WE DO! Being a niche company means our customers are important to us. We have never left a customer with bed bugs and promise the same for you! Call 615-622-4422 today!

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"Totally a company you want to contract if you are having bed bug problems. Awesome customer service, to include the person they send to do the job. Respectful of your things and helpful with questions you might have."



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